Sabine Dabringhaus: Zwischen kultureller Rückbesinnung und ‚Modernisierungsfalle‘: Chinesische Innenansichten auf ein Land im Umbruch


The essay deals with contemporary developments in China from a Chinese point of view. Introducing four prominent intellectuals and academics, it examines their observations concerning China’s modernisation. Philosopher Chen Lai proposes a return to Confucianism as a basic principle of governance for modern China arguing that this return would both strengthen a modern Chinese cultural identity and provide moral orientation/guidance within a rapidly changing society. Wang Hui, one of the most renown Chinese intellectuals, takes up a more critical stance towards China; he bemoans the lack of democratisation and the increasing influence of ‚Western‘ neoliberal thinking in his country. Economist He Qinglian reflects on China’s changing social structures and articulates the problem of increasing unequality. She criticises the entanglement between politicians an economists. Sociologist Zhao Litao on the other hand queries the government’s idea of a ‚harmonious society‘ in light of the current dramatic crises.

Besprochen werden u. a.:
Chen Lai: Tradition and Modernity (287); Wang Hui: Der Aufstieg des modernen chinesischen Denkens (291); Wang Hui: The End of the Revolution. China and the Limits of Modernity (292); Wang Hui: China’s New Order (292); He Qinglian: China in der Modernisierungsfalle (296); Zhao Litao/Lim Tin Seng (Hrsg.): China’s New Social Policy (301)


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