Benno Nietzel: Compensating Victims of Nazi Persecution – Recent Debates


This essay reviews recent publications on material compensation for victims of Nazi persecution after 1945. At first, it looks at international research where compensation for past wrongs is mostly seen as an integral element of transitional justice. During recent years, extensive research has been carried out on the implementation and the practice of restitution and indemnification in Germany, which broadened our knowledge dramatically and revealed much of the inconsistencies, ambiguities and inequities of German compensation policy. Other fields of interest have been the compensation of slave labour and the restitution of looted artwork. Recent projects have increasingly taken into account the transnational dimensions of restitution and indemnification which provide further perspectives for comparative research.

The following titels were discussed i.a.:
Barkan, E.:
Völker klagen an (208); Torpey, J.: Making Whole What Has Been Smashed (209); Diner, D./Wunberg, G. (Hrsg.): Restitution and Memory (211); Winstel, T.: Verhandelte Gerechtigkeit (213); Lillteicher, J.: Raub, Recht und Restitution (214); Frei, N./Brunner, J./Goschler C. (Hrsg.): Die Praxis der Wiedergutmachung (216); Spannuth, J.: Rückerstattung Ost (216); Hockerts, G./Moisel, C./Winstel, T. (Hrsg.): Grenzen der Wiedergutmachung (219); Teitelbaum, R.: Die biologische Lösung (223); Hense, A.: Verhinderte Entschädigung (226); Zarusky, J. (Hrsg.): Ghettorenten (229); Bertz, I./Dormann, B. (Hrsg.): Raub und Restitution (231); Koldehoff, S.: Die Bilder sind unter uns (231)

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