Erik Mohns: Islamism, politics of piety or Post-Islamism? – Narratives of Islamic politics in political science literature


The article analyzes the dominant discursive representations of ‘Islamic politics’ in scholarly debates in political science and Middle East studies. It examines established academic templates of narratives on (de)radicalization, resistance against modernity, and incompatibility of Islam and democracy on the basis of those concepts, analytical frameworks, premises and research questions on which these narratives extensively themselves rely. By assessing their underlying notions of politics, the article suggests a broadening of well-established analytical prisms by approaches that allow for a reconsideration not only of ‘Islamic’ formal-institutional politics, but an inclusion of discursive shifts, renegotiations of ‘Islamic’ traditions and translations of locally established practices in religious idioms into analyses of ‘Islamic politics’. 

The following titles were discussed i.a.:
Jung, D.:
Orientalists, Islamists and the Global Public Sphere (260); Schwedler, J.: Faith in Moderation (261); Tibi, B.: Islam’s Predicament with Modernity (263); Singerman, D.: Avenues of Participation (266); Varzi, R.: Warring Souls (266); Crooke, A.: Resistance (267); Dabashi, H.: Islamic Liberation Theology (269); Clark, J.: Islam, Charity, and Activism (270); Wickham, C.: Mobilizing Islam (270); Ashour, O.: The De-Radicalization of Jihadists (271); Hafez, M.: Why Muslims Rebel (271); Hegghammer, T.: Jihad in Saudi Arabia (272); Lohlker, R.: Dschihadismus (272); Vertigans, S.: Militant Islam (273); Gunning, J.: Hamas in Politics (274); Mahmood, S.: Politics of Piety (275); Deeb, L.: An Enchanted Modern (277); Bayat, A.: Making Islam Democratic (281)

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