Maren Möhring: New Books for the Shopping List. Nationalisation and ethnicisation through consumption


The history of consumption has emerged as a vibrant area of historical research. Except for the analysis of the racist consumer politics of the ‘Third Reich’ and the debates on Americanisation in interwar and post-war Germany, there are few studies on the processes of ethnicisation and nationalisation through consumption. This is all the more surprising since practices of consumption often served as key sites for the articulation and production of national and ethnic identities. The reviewed books on the history of consumption in German-speaking countries in the 19th and 20th centuries deal with 1) nationalisation via product communication, 2) ethnicisation of consumer goods and 3) spaces of consumption created by migrants. Further research should also focus on the materiality of consumer goods and address processes of nationalisation and ethnicisation not only comparatively, but also within the framework of transnational transfers.

The following titels were discussed i.a.:
Kleinschmidt, C.
: Konsumgesellschaft (8); König, W.: Kleine Geschichte der Konsumgesellschaft (11); Haupt, H./Torp, C. (Hrsg.): Die Konsumgesellschaft in Deutschland 1890-1990 (12); Gasteiger, N.: Der Konsument (17); Schrage, D.: Die Verfügbarkeit der Dinge (18);  Kühschelm, O. (Hrsg.): Nationalisierende Produktkommunikation (20); Schramm, M. (Hrsg.): Vergleich und Transfer in der Konsumgeschichte (22); Rossfeld, R.: Schweizer Schokolade (24); Moser, P./Brodbeck, B.: Milch für alle (25); Friedlander, M./Kugelmann, C. (Hrsg.): Koscher & Co (26); Kraemer, D.: Jewish Eating and Identity Through the Ages (28); Bernstein, J.: Food for Thought (29); Everts, J.: Konsum und Multikulturalität im Stadtteil (32)

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