David Motadel: Islam and the European Powers, 1798-1989


The article surveys recent literature on the engagement of the European powers with the Muslim
world from the Imperial Age to the end of the Cold War. Policy-makers of the great powers
regularly perceived Islam as a force of considerable political relevance. Recent historical research
has enquired into the ways in which European politicians, strategists, officers and policy-makers
dealt with Islam, asking how they understood and conceptualised the religion and engaged with it
in practice. The article first addresses the most current studies on the policies of the European
empires towards Islam, including those of the French in Africa and the British in India. It further
discusses research on the Islam campaigns of the great powers during the two World Wars and,
finally, during the Cold War, when Western strategists came to see parts of the Muslim world as
a 'green belt against communism'.

The following titels were discussed i.a.:
Cherfils, C.:
Bonaparte et l’Islam d’après les Documents Français & Arabes
(38); Christelow, A.: Muslim Law Courts and the French Colonial State in Algeria (38); Crews, R.: For Prophet and Tsar (38); Gouilly, A.: L’Islam dans l’Afrique Occidentale Française (38); Klein, M.: Islam and Imperialism in Senegal (38); Luizard, P.: Le Choc Cilonial et l’Islam (38); Pautremat, P.: La Politique Musulmane de la France au XXe siècle (38); Robinson, D.: Paths of Accomodation (38); Donia, R.: Islam under the Double Eagle (39); Hardy, P.: The Muslims of British India (39); Kemper, M.: Herrschaft, Recht und Islam in Daghestan (39); Khalid, A.: The Politics of Muslim Cultural Reform (39); Laffan, M.: Islamic Nationhood and Colonial Indonesia (39); Metcalf, B.: Islamic Revival on British India (39); Mostashari, F.: On the Religious Frontier (39); Padamsee, A.: Representations of Indian Muslims in British Colonial Discourse (39); Steenbrink, K.: Dutch Colonialism and Indonesian Islam (39); Green, N.: Islam and the Army in Colonial India (40); Trumbull, G.: An Empire of Facts (43); Harrison, C.: France and Islam in West Africa, 1860-1918 (44); Elliott, J.: The Frontier, 1839-1947 (45); Barthorp, M.: Afghan Wars and the North-West Frontier 1839-1947 (46); Clancy-Smith, J.: Rebel and Saint (46); Holt, P.: Mahdist State in the Sudan, 1881-98 (46); Robinson, F.: Separatism among Indian Muslims (46); Höpp, G.: Muslime in der Mark (49); Lüdke, T.: Jihad Made in Germany (49); Müller, H.: Islam, Gihâd ("Heiliger Krieg") und Deutsches Reich (49); Özcan, A.: Pan-Islamism (49); Qureshi, M.: Pan-Islam in British Indian Politics (49); McKale, D.: War by Revolution (50); Oberhaus, S.: 'Zum wilden Aufstande entflammen' (50); Schechtmann, J.: The Mufti and the Fuehrer (50); Gensicke, K.: Der Mufti von Jerusalem und die Nationalsozialisten (51); Ahmad, A.: Malay-Muslims, Islam and the Rising Sun 1941-1945 (53); Benda, H.: The Crescent and the Rising Sun (53); Ro'i, Y.: Islam in the Soviet Union (54); Johnson, I.: A Mosque in Munich (55); Coll, S.: Ghost Wars (56)

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