Regina Kreide/Heiner Michel: Poverty, Justice and Development Policy


Poverty, like other global problems, represents a challenge for political theorists. While economics and development studies have tackled the issue for decades, focusing on how to measure poverty, how to account for its causes, and what are the effective means of alleviating poverty in the long run, philosophy and political theory have only recently started grappling with the phenomenon of global poverty. The questions poverty has raised for political theory are, for example: Has the suffering of the people elsewhere in the world something to do with us, and if so, what does it mean for our notion of responsibility? The article by Regina Kreide and Heiner Michel gives a historical and systematic overview of the problem of global poverty – how it is defined and measured, how political theory addresses the issue, and what are the normative foundations of strategies implemented to fighting poverty. The authors argue for an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing global poverty.

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