Anne Friedrichs: New Trends in French Historiography of Historical Writing


Within the last few years, interest in reflecting upon the historical discipline and its history has increased, coinciding with endeavours undertaken by various historians to foster a new global and transnational approach to history. In particular, the national alignment of large parts of the academic writing of history has come increasingly under criticism. This contribution presents the themes and questions which have attracted attention to the research of the historical writing of France, from parts of the “Annales”-School to early approaches to the writing of world history.

The following titels were discussed i.a.:
Berger, S./Lorenz, C. (Hrsg.)
: The Contested Nation (403); Frank, T./Hadler, F. (Hrsg.): Disputed Territories and Shared Pasts (403); Macintyre, S./Maigashca, J./Pók, A. (Hrsg.): The Oxford History of Historical Writing. Volume 4 (403); Porciani, I./Raphael, L. (Hrsg.): Atlas of European Historiography (403); Schneider, A./Woolf, D. (Hrsg.): The Oxford History of Historical Writing. Volume 5 (403); Burguière, A.: L’École des Annales (405); Dewald, J.: Lost Worlds (406); Schöttler, P./Rheinberger, H.-J. (Hrsg.): Marc Bloch et les crises du savoir (407); Berger, S./Lorenz, C. (Hrsg.): Nationalizing the Past (408); Müller, B.: Lucien Febvre (408); Dosse, F.: Pierre Nora (409); Dumoulin, O.: Le rôle social de l’historien (412); Lingelbach, G.: Klio macht Karriere (412); Garcia, P./Leduc, J.: L’enseignement de l’histoire en France de l’Ancien Régime à nos jours (414); Pellegrin, N.: Histoires d’historiennes (415); Dulucq, S.: Ecrire l’histoire de l’Afrique à l’époque coloniale (417); Singaravélou, P.: Professer l’Empire. (419); Brahm, F.: Wissenschaft und Dekolonisation (421)

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