Annika Wellmann: Theory of Archives – Archives of Power. Current Tendencies in Archive History


In the last two decades, both archive studies and the humanities became increasingly concerned with the history of archives. While archivists analyzed the history of archival institutions in order to learn about the foundation of their profession, humanities scholars showed an interest in the broader culture of recording represented or interpreted as archives. This review article presents approaches and findings in this heterogeneous field of research, which is divided in two parts. While a large part of scholars and archivists focuses on the empirical reconstruction of the history of institutions, biographies of archivists and the history of methods, others place their research within the framework of poststructuralist theories, using the term ‘archive’ in a broader sense. This essay identifies the premises, paradigms and topics as well as pitfalls and blind spots of the diversified field of archive history.

The following titels were discussed i.a.:
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