Frank Bösch: Interpreting Crises in Two Different Ways. US-American and West-German Perspectives of the 1970s


In both the US and West-Germany, the history of the 1970s is perceived as a time of economic and cultural crises. More recent publications in both countries concentrate on political protest and reform movements. American studies, however, choose a wider focus, that could be inspiring for future German studies, through amplifying the crisis narrative with the everyday developments of the 1970s, ranging from new forms of consumption to tourism and mass sports. Moreover, successful movies and TV series were analysed to develop fundamental interpretations for the history of societies. Quite often, American publications succeed in connecting classical governmental policy with social history whereas German works tend to centre on either one of these aspects.

The following titels were discussed i. a.:

Borstelmann, T.: The 1970s (220); Sandbrook, D.: Mad as Hell (221); Ferguson, N. u. a. (Hrsg.): The Shock of the Global (222); Caryl, C.: Strange Rebels (223); Faulenbach, B.: Das sozialdemokratische Jahrzehnt (225); Raithel, T.: Jugendarbeitslosigkeit in der Bundesrepublik (225); Tauer, S.: Störfall für die gute Nachbarschaft (226); Schregel, S.: Der Atomkrieg vor der Wohnungstür (227); Gassert, P./Geiger, T./Wentker, H. (Hrsg.): Zweiter Kalter Krieg und Friedensbewegung (228)

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