Hannah Ahlheim: „The missing third“. Neue Literatur zur Politik und Geschichte des Schlafs


“The missing third”: Studies on the politics and history of sleep
Sleep, a basic need for everyone, occupies almost a third of our lives. Accommodating sleepers seems like a fundamental function of society. Despite sleep’s relevance to the organization of human life, the humanities and social sciences have only just begun to explore the various “worlds of sleep” in the past and present. Several recent sociological, anthropological and historical studies show now that investigating the concepts, perceptions, and practices involved with sleep is an innovative way to analyze economic and social structures as well as ideological settings, individual and collective livedin worlds, perceptions of the human body and soul, and the role of knowledge in modern society.

Besprochen werden u. a.:
Crary, J.: 24/7 (440); Derickson, A.: Dangerously Sleepy (453); Ekirch, A. R.: Sleep We Have Lost (439); Garnier, G.: L’oubli des peines (448); Kinzler, S.: Das Joch des Schlafs (451); Kroker, K.: The Sleep of Others and the Transformations of Sleep Research (457); Osten, P.: Das Tor zur Seele (449); Steger, B.: (Keine) Zeit zum Schlafen? (437); Williams, S. J.: The Politics of Sleep (442); Wolf-Meyer, M. J.: The Slumbering Masses (443)

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