Mathias Albert/Dorothea Wehrmann: Polarpolitik. Ein Bericht zur politikwissenschaftlichen Arktis- und Antarktisliteratur


Polar Politics. New political science literature on the Arctic and the Antarctic
The article provides an overview over, as well as a critical discussion of, the recent literature on the polar regions in political science and in neighbouring fields. It first introduces some of the broader literature dealing with changes in the Arctic and in Antarctica. The political science literature then is dealt with in three separate steps: Firstly, the literature that seeks to analyse the politics of the polar regions drawing on established theoretical approaches, mostly in the field of International Relations and Political Geography. Secondly, the wealth of literature that deals with policies regarding the polar regions. Thirdly, contributions focussing on issues related to geopolitics and security most notably in relation to the Arctic.

Besprochen werden u. a.: Beck, P. J.: The International Politics of Antarctica (82); Dodds, K. J.: The Antarctic (82); Hough, P.: International Politics of the Arctic (73); Koivurova, T./Brännlund, L./Bankes, N. (Hrsg.): Climate Governance in the Arctic (80); Le Mière, C./Mazo, J.: Arctic Opening (83); Powell, R. C./Dodds, K. (Hrsg.): Polar Geopolitics (87); Steinberg, P. E./Tasch, J./Gerhardt, H.: Contesting the Arctic (72); Tamnes, R./ Offerdal, K. (Hrsg.): Geopolitics and Security in the Arctic (85); Young, O. R./Osherenko, G. (Hrsg.): Polar Politics (70)

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