Oliver Eberl: Dekolonisation in einem postkolonialen Europa oder: „Warum gibt es keine Unabhängigkeit für Gibraltar?“


Decolonization in a postcolonial Europe, or: “Why is there no independence for Gibraltar?”

The decolonization process is generally held to be concluded. Recent publications from such different fields as postcolonial studies, history, political science, anthropology and political economy show however that an ongoing decolonization process can be observed within the wider realms of the European Union (EU). This process concerns the almost forgotten and hidden remnants of the European empires in the Pacific, the Caribbean, and the Atlantic, that continue to exist as overseas countries, territories, and outermost regions of the EU. 21st century decolonization is significantly shaped by the conditions of globalization, neoliberalism and regional integration and thus differs from previous forms.

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