Stephanie Seul: Die diskursive Konstituierung Europas in Medien. Neue Arbeiten zur Presse- und Kommunikationsgeschichte sowie zu den Digital Humanities


The Discursive Construction of Europe in the Media. New Contributions to Media History and Digital Humanities
This essay provides an overview of recent research on the discursive construction of ‘Europe’. The first part offers a synopsis of publications covering, primarily from a comparative historical perspective, the discourses on ‘Europe’ in the media. The second part discusses two long-term studies of the images of ‘Europe’ in German, British and American newspapers during 1914-1980: Florian Greiner (“Wege nach Europa”) concentrates on the era of the two world wars, while Ariane Brill (“Abgrenzung und Hoffnung”) covers the post-war period through to 1980. Since both studies make extensive use of digitised historical sources, the third part of this essay debates the methodological benefits and pitfalls of full-text searches in digital newspaper archives.

Besprochen werden u. a.: Brill, A.: Abgrenzung und Hoffnung (82); Greiner, F.: Wege nach Europa (82)

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